Internship Program


We've been praying Luke 10:2...that He would send harvesters into the harvest fields.  Maybe you are an answer to this prayer!  There is a great need for harvesters here in the Fraser Valley.  We have created a structure that makes it possible for young adults (18-25) to spend time in Fraser pointing others to Christ alongside our church.


Our desire is three-fold...

1.  Personal dynamic:

     You will be challenged, strengthened, and stretched personally and spiritually during your time here.

2.  Community dynamic:

     You will spend time developing meaningful relationships with others through recreation and vocation.

3.  Church dynamic:

     You will serve our church body within your area of spiritual gifting and ability.


There are two options for serving in our internship program.  We offer an 11-week summer program and a 9-month winter program (September-May).  

Within each of these options, you will be working a job in town for income and will be serving within the church.  There are living costs associated with each option.  Most of our students cover their costs through fundraising and through a local job here in the county.  We are often able to assist in the process of finding employment and will have housing pre-arranged prior to arrival.  


Are you ready to be challenged?  Are you looking for an "out of the box" experience?  Do you love the mountains?  We'd love to talk more with you about the possibility of joining us as we point others to Christ in the Fraser Valley of Colorado.  


For more information,

contact Dustin Wagley at